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Ancient Coins Silver

Ancient Roman Silver 26mm Thick Tetradrachm Of Trajan Super Sharp Coin


LOT 3rd 4th Century Roman Imperial Bronze Ancient coins + SILVER Denarius


Roman Emperor Hadrian Silver Ancient Denari Coin


Roman Silver Coin: Denarius Of Antoninus Pius(136-160AD)~VF+bonus


Ancient Roman Coin - Silver Dbl. Denarius (Antoninianus) of Gordian III - Virtus


Rare XF scare ancient roman emperor Hadrian AR silver denarius AD117-138 coin


Maximinus I. Outstanding Rare Denarius. Ancient Roman Silver Coin 235AD


MARCUS AURELIUS. AR Denarius Ancient Roman Coin 


Authentic Silver Ancient Greek Coin


Ancient Roman 21mm Silver/Billon Coin With Head Dress And Victory Dance On Rever


Ancient Attica Athens 440-404 BC Athena Owl Tetradrachm Silver Coin NGC AU


Alexander 336BC genuine Ancient silver Celtic imitation Coin HERCULES Zeus Eagle


Ancient Roman Silver Denarius 1-3rd Century 16mm


Ancient GREEK Silver Coin Ionia, Miletos AR 1/12 Stater Circa 520-450 BC 1.03g


Authentic Ancient Roman Coin, 1 gram .999 Silver Mini Art-Bar, & 90% Silver Dime


4 Authentic Ancient Roman Copper Coins Pre 250 AD Tokens Empire Artifact Silver


Ancient Roman Coin, Arcadius, NGC (XF)


Ancient Roman Coin - Silver Dbl. Denarius (Antoninianus) of Gallienus - Victoria


Marcus Aurelius as Caesar. Superb Denarius Father to Commodus. Roman Silver Coin


Alexander The Great lifetime Drachm⭐ Arados mint.Scarce exceptio




ancient roman coin Silver Tetradrachm 12,56gm 26mm In Perfect Shape Stunning


NGC Ch VF, Julia Domna 193-217 AD. Unique Denarius, Ancient Roman, Silver Coin


336-323 BC Alexander III, the Great Ancient Greek Silver Tetradrachm F


031. Greek Silver Coin. ALEXANDER III. AR Drachm. Herakles / Zeus. Fine




Alexander III the Great.Early posthumous issue of 'Colophon', Silver Drachm


Roman Empire. Domitian W/ Minerva Denarius NGC Ch Fine Ancient Silver Coin


Silver Ephesos 500-420 BC. Drachm, Ε-Φ; Bee with Curved Wings-Coiled Tendrils!


Ancient Roman Imperial Large Bronze & Silver Denar Coins LOT7 - 7 pieces


Ancient Roman Coin: Silver Antoninianus of Gordian III (238-244 AD)