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Lysimachus, AR drachm. 323-281 BC. Kyzikos


Greek Kingdom Thrace Silver Tetradrachm Posthumous Lysimachus NGC Ch VF SKU42212


Greek Thrace Silver Tetradrachm Early Posthumous Lysimachus NGC Ch XF SKU42222


323-281 BC Thrace Lysimachus Alexander III "The Great" Silver Tetradrachm


Alexander the Great Lysimachus Ancient Coin NGC F AR Drachm 


Greek Thrace Silver Tetradrachm of Early Posthumous Lysimachus NGC XF SKU42223


THRACIAN KINGDOM. Lysimachus (305-281 BC). AR tetradrachm (27mm, 17.07 gm, 12h).


Authentic Greek Silver Drachm of KIng Lysimachus of Macedonia, NGC Ch XF 8002


THRACIAN KINGDOM. Lysimachus (305-281 BC). AR drachm (18mm, 4.04 gm, 10h). XF.


Alexander the Great III Lysimachus AR Drachm Coin 336 BC - NGC Choice XF (Ch EF)


Greek Kingdom of Thrace Silver Tetradrachm of Lysimachus NGC XF SKU42224


Kingdom of Thrace Lysimachus 305 BC AR Drachm Heracles Zeus NGC XF 5/5 4/5


305-281 BC Greek Island Of Thrace, Lysimachus Tetradrachm NGC XF


THRACIAN KINGDOM. Lysimachus (305-281 BC). AR tetradrachm (16.67 gm). NGC CH XF




Alexander The Great Lysimachos (Lysimachus) AR Drachm XF/AU BEAUTIFUL


THRACIAN KINGDOM. Lysimachus (305-281 BC). AR tetradrachm (16.88 gm). NGC AU.


Greek silver coin Alexander the Great Tetradrachm 16.45 g, Lysimachus, 298-281BC


Thrace Byzantium c.200-150BC Lysimachus AR Tetradrachm(16.82g) NGC XF Fine Style


Lysimachus Kings of Thrace 323 BC ancient GREEK COIN lion spear Ares god of war


Greek silver coin Alexander the Great Tetradrachm 16.92 g, Lysimachus, 298-281BC


Lysimachus King of Thrace mints and Mint-Marks by Dr. L. Muller


Greek Gold AV Stater Types of Lysimachus 130-63 BC ANACS AU-58


Ancient Kingdom of Thrace Lysimachus 305-281 BC Drachm (#88) Name of Alexander


Stunning Lysimachus Silver Tetradrachm Alexander Coin 20K Yellow Gold Necklace


Fantasy - 305-281BC Ancient Thrace Lysimachus Tetradrachm - Alexander the Great


ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL SILVER GREEK COIN - 288 BC Thrace Lysimachus Tetradrachm


Thrace Lysimachus, 305 - 281 Tetradrachm 305-28 Skostokos #Alb.828


Gold Thrakien Goldstater 323-281 v. Chr. Lysimachus Style Unusual Nswleipzig


Pontic Kingdom Gold Stater of Mithradates VI Type of Lysimachus NGC MS SKU44906


Essays in Greek coinage, presented to Stanley Robinson The Mints of Lysimachus


Pontic Kingdom Pontus MithradatesVI 120-63 BC AV Stater Lysimachus Type Ancient


Ancient Greece (Thrace) Lysimachus 305BC Silver Drachm M# 336 good VF


Souvenir Coin Paperweight Ancient Greek Roman King of Macedon Lysimachus


KINGDOM OF THRACE 305-281 BC Lysimachus AR Drachm Obv Alexander III Rev Athena h